Friday, 3 January 2020


Trade shows is a major part of your marketing plan. From small shows to huge industrial events, trade shows can be a fantastic and fruitful source to generate new leads and exposure for your business / products/services.

Like any other form of marketing, exhibiting on trade shows are also about results. The higher no. of attendees you can attract to your exhibition stand, the more leads you’ll walk away from the trade show with.

Get the Right Look And Feel:-

Your stand is work as your shop window so it is important to make sure your objective for the show. Determine the look and feel of your stand according to your product and brand. Choose graphics, posters and products wisely to that project the image you want to create.

Go for Instant Brand Recognition:-

Display the logo that attendees are most familiar with; because it is your brand identity. But in some cases, if a particular product line is more well-known than your business name, put that front and center.

Get Creative:-

Effective lighting can really increase awareness of your stand, creative and innovative graphics do the same. Texts should be readable from closer and from far too.

Stick to Your Budget:-

Exhibiting at a trade show is not about spending lots of money on flashy new materials. Be careful to your budget and spent wisely.

Beware with Your Giveaways:-

Do not send lot of money on promo gifts that don't relate to the message or brand. If you want to give branded merchandise out as gifts, choose something relevant to your brand and also memorable.

Pick the Right People:-

Choose right team members for the event and the audience. Team member should be well trained and well dressed. A proper gesture should be given when any visitors come to visit your stall.

Don't Forget To Invite:-

When you are going to exhibit in the trade show promote yourself on every media and more on social media. Upload information to your website inviting customers to come and visit you at your stand. Do not forget your existing customers to invite them on the booth.

When you are participating in the trade show then the most powerful thing is to choose 
best exhibition booth designer for your booth! Choose your exhibition booth design company wisely who can fulfill your all requirements and present your booth as you want to be seen.

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