Tuesday 28 January 2020

Top 3 Trends In The Exhibition Industry in 2020

The exhibition industry is increasing and exhibition booth designers in India are expediting creative design ideas. In last year, the industry showed extremely positive outcomes and it is foreseen that it will boom in the upcoming year.

Each part is inviting and adopting the new patterns that are coming in the exhibition industry. They are changing the method for presentation in trade shows to stand apart from the contenders. In addition, they are giving due significance to the most recent innovation trends to serve the dynamic needs of clients.

The exhibition industry in 2020 is foreseen to break all the correspondence and data barriers in the most fabulous way. It is anticipated to arrive at the intended interest group and bring conversions that are going to help the organizations in understanding their business goals.

· Incorporating Technology Mix
Innovation is catching a tremendous piece in each segment and section. It is assuming control over the essential handling and operational undertakings at the trade shows. From an expo point of view, exhibition stand designers in India are making organizing openings less complex and facilitating a rundown of significant business exercises. This incorporates offering customized client encounters, welcoming them with AI, utilizing AI-based applications and breaking down the progression of footfall.

Most recent innovation patterns, for example, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual reality and Machine Learning are giving more capacity to the crowd to cooperate with the brand and remain associated with it. Such intelligent innovation blend is amazing in giving advanced encounters to clients. This year it is forecasted to develop immensely that will separate the brand in client encounters and change the exhibition industry.

· Customer-Centric Design

In trade shows, it is viewed as that the initial introduction is everything to have a powerful effect. In the present exhibition industry, it isn't tied in with utilizing ostentatious structures to pull in clients. Or maybe, it must be significant to pull in clients' feelings and creative mind.

In the upcoming year, the exhibition stall designers in India are progressively disposed towards designing a stall that is increasingly exceptional, satisfying and has human touch. Possibly when clients feel associated with the brand, they will in general advantage the business for a more extended duration.

· Cutting Edge Lighting

Lighting has consistently been in pattern in the ever-requesting exhibition industry. Some time ago single and conventional screens and lights were utilized to coordinate clients' consideration. Be that as it may, the present exhibition stall designers in India are never again confined to such lighting procedures. These days, they utilize the whole booth space and utilize focused on light to bring clients' consideration.

The upcoming year is foreseen to observe one of a kind lighting components that are amazing to improve the general exhibition booth’s viewpoint. Utilization of 3D video and imaginative lighting will be the two most integral assets of the exhibition industry in upcoming years.

Without a doubt, the exhibition industry is progressing. It is set to see endearing selection of new and inventive trends that the exhibition booth fabricators are set to present. It will bring about experiential promoting to guarantee away from of business and marketing objective.

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Saturday 25 January 2020

Auto Expo 2020- Components

New Innovations and Technologies Are Embraced By Exhibitions

At present, exhibitions have experienced a tremendous progress. They are not simply obliged to displaying the products and services of an organization. Be that as it may, they are fundamentally concentrating on advances and technologies of the business to connect with visitors. Automobile Industry has reflected a wide scope of creative components relating to the main topic of an organization. 2019 has just drawn closer towards its end and in the year 2020, Auto Expo Components 2020 will speak to amazing products and services. The static display of motor vehicles, qualities of mobility and other aspects will make new brand image.

What’s in store at Auto Expo Components 2020?

The mobility ecosystem experiences developments, amendments and co-creation in a predictable way. Verbal exchange may not be adequate to reach focused on audience. This is definitely where Auto Expo Components is organized every year to advance technology and development engaged with the segment. Encountering a visual enjoyment and brilliant presentation stalls indicating automobile industry is exceptionally proficient. Yet, captivating visitors is the point which gets distinguished when several exhibitors participate in the exhibition to be the #1 brand among automobile associations.


  • 1, 204 participants will be a part of this exhibition
  • An aggregate of 60, 000 sq. meters will be utilized to cover the setup of this exhibition
  • A four-day exhibition intended at business promotion and presentation
  •  More than 1 lakh visitors are expected in this exhibition
  •  7 international pavilions are going to be booked for Auto Expo Components 2020

This exhibition requests legitimate strategy for fitting of exhibition stands. Contracting exhibition stand designers and fabricators turns into a main need for exhibitors. They can choose the customized exhibition booth depending upon their necessity.

Why choose Sconce Global for Auto Expo Components 2020?

Sconce Global has a rich involvement with the business of serving exhibitors for over 20 years. This exhibition stall design company has redefined the elements of the brands by offering them the best design and tailoring strategies. The in-house group of creators, fabricators and visualizers and contractors manage with the exhibition booth development work with flawlessness. In fact, for the current year, Sconce Global is outfitted to convey the well informed and subject based exhibition solution for its customers. 

In case, you are planning to hire our team for exhibition stall designing and creation, visit our site: www.sconceglobal.com. Refer to our automotive industry portfolio, to get business insights.

Auto Expo Components 2020

Exhibition Name: Auto Expo Components 2020
Industry: Auto Industry
Venue: Pragati Maidan, New Delhi
Schedule: 6th – 9th February, 2020

Friday 24 January 2020

Picking the correct Exhibition Stall Fabricator is the most significant decision an organization needs to make. Discover why?

All we know that an Exhibition is an extraordinary direct marketing tool and a perfect platform with regards to product launches and promotion and helps the organization to solidify its presence in the market. It is also an incredible method to quantify consumer loyalty levels and analyze the challenge in the business. However, to guarantee your exhibition dollars are not going down the channel it is vital to partner with the correct exhibition design and execution company.
This post will explain why it is important.
Having considered consumer behavior concerning exhibitions, note that an organization invests 10% of its energy perusing the market for exhibition stall fabricators. It spends another 50-60% of its time in guaranteeing the stall designs meet all its aesthetic taste and functional requirements. The company spends another 10-20% of its time in negotiating budgets and choosing the exhibition stand fabricator that can execute that design inside the allocated. That implies it spends under 10-15% of its time in ensuring that the exhibition stand fabricator has the capacity, assets and experience to manufacture the stall according to the quality guidelines anticipated. This is the place the organization can possibly falter.
Organizations tend to feel that once they focus in on the correct design, any exhibition booth fabricator deserving at least some respect can create their exhibition stall. This is a major mistake and puts numerous organizations helpless before here now gone again later exhibition stand fabricators. This isn't to underestimate the significance of design or drawing up budgets however it is basic that organizations do a little homework on the exhibition stand fabricators they are possibly going to participate in business with.
This basic step will save the organization time and assets and relieve the risk of unacceptable stall creation and execution. It doesn't imply that organizations should avoid smaller stall fabricators. It just implies that by doing a little research about the exhibition stall fabricator and assessing their workshops, the organization can verify their tall cases and take an informed decision. Having said that, no fabricator can ensure that nothing will turn out badly. Be that as it may, picking the correct accomplice will guarantee the fabricator has the experience and capacity to manage possibilities as and when they spring up.
As the old saying goes – “Chance favors the prepared mind.”
Sconce Global is a name that stands for creativity and quality delivery. Sponsored by considerable work involvement with the presentation business and pillared by the best ability and craftsmanship in the business, Panache gives 360 degree bespoke exhibition solutions.

Sconce Global is one of the best exhibition booth design company in India, who offers a complete booth management solution starting from conceptualization, manufacturing, shipping, installing & dismantle. Apart from the exhibition we are also into TV set design, Interior design and digital transformation.

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Thursday 23 January 2020

Exhibition Stall Design: How To Deliver Precision in the Project

Marking a presence in the market starts with ideal impression in the exhibition. All the exhibitors need to promote their business and in turn, need to reflect their relevance in their individual sectors. This is where exhibition stall services are benefited by the organizations to drive engagement. However, adding precision in the framework of exhibition stall is the main essential to be remembered by the exhibit solution providers. Be it the choice of exhibition stand design, evaluating its utility or fitting the stall keeping in mid the brand value of customer, every angle needs to remain adjusted.

In addition, the methodology towards designing and creation of the whole structure of exhibition can't be ignored. It is the foundation of the considerable number of brands which guarantees simple to relate with idea. Here are few significant hints which can make exhibit display stand an ideal bit of art with most extreme utility:

Tips to add utility in exhibition stall design

Move with the current strategy but check previous exhibition statistics:

It is constantly perfect to accompany new methodologies to customize understanding of customers through uniquely designed exhibition stall. However, the insights of exhibitions reflect few booths which won the spotlight because of their great design and execution. It is constantly perfect to investigate the thoughts, systems and generally speaking execution forms have gotten them most extreme consideration of the visitors. In addition, there are a few provisos which go dismissed during the customization of exhibition stand design, in any case, their prohibition is an unquestionable requirement. These issues can be recognized so exhibition stand is custom-made with flawlessness. It resembles a fast home work to reclassify the arrangement based on survey of exhibition design applied previously.

Adjust brightness of exhibition stall according to the scenario:

An exhibition may generally start in the sunshine, in any case, needs to remain sufficiently bright in night too. In this way, the exhibition stall should have appropriate back lighting illumination and checked light system. The brilliance of the stall should neither be too light nor excessively diminish. It should be adjusted with the goal that the crowd can get the correct feel of illustrations and other additional items of the booth in appropriate light. Lighting assumes an imperative job in grabbing the eye of guests as the perfect measure of light gives them a superior comprehension of the topic of brand exhibited in the stall.

Staying updated with the latest pattern and trends of exhibit design industry:

There is a perpetual extent of designs which can fit the theme of brand precisely. These designs continue changing and the greater part of the appealing illustrations just as other exhibition stand configuration additional items are profoundly intelligent. They can be tweaked by patterns and fill the need of business development for clients. Be it LCD screen, cell phone worked system, giveaways and criticism divider or selfie with brand logo, the thought is high client commitment in the exhibition. Aside from this, inclining approach of designing exhibition stand can help crowd in relating with the innovation or style utilized for business promotion

Check user review online and brush up designing process:

A reality check is an absolute necessity for serving customers as indicated by their inclinations. The remarks, comments and opinions shared by the clients on Social Media about exhibition can be an eye-catching. In short, the reaction of clients after the exhibition on different platforms online is fair-minded as they share their continuous experience. A pre-mix solution of negative and positive remark can be deciphered by the exhibition stand designers. Based on mixed reaction, exhibition stand design ideas can be imagined to convey the result past desires for entrepreneurs.

Moreover, these thoughts lead exhibition stand designers on a way where they get market insights of knowledge while customizing exhibit solutions. The above tips and purposes of essentials are expected at speaking to the business in a powerful manner through custom fitted exhibition booth designing process. Last, however not the least, the design ought to consistently be alleviating as far as hues, designs and font style. This may sound as optional thing, however, it goes about as the crucial segment to be tended to during the conclusion of exhibition stall designing strategy.

Sconce Global is one of the best exhibition booth design company in India, who offers a complete booth management solution starting from conceptualization, manufacturing, shipping, installing & dismantle. Apart from the exhibition we are also into TV set design, Interior design and digital transformation.

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Monday 20 January 2020

Tricks and Hacks To Grow Your Business And Generate Leads!!!

Exhibition stands are continually advancing in terms of design, display and experience. Get motivated by the absolute most recent innovations observed at significant trade show around the globe.

The idea of the "exhibition environment" is rising and stakes are high. Exhibition stand design is a genuine business and a large number of the significant trade shows are giving a lot of pined for grants for the best exhibition stand. Indeed, even in our digitally associated world, nothing bests the estimation of in-person gatherings and presentation is a perfect platform for face to face gatherings. The exhibition space is an essential piece of current deals and advertising strategies and eye-getting configuration implies more consideration at the show as well as more prominent visibility. You can coordinate with different organizations and get noticed by your possibilities. That is the reason different organizations search for an appealing and intelligent exhibition stands. 

Here are the few tricks and hacks to accomplish huge success at your show.

Award Winning Exhibition Stands

In any exhibition, there can be several exhibition stalls, all competing to get the consideration of the visitors. In such a situation, how can a specific exhibition stall stand apart from the rest? Remember you need to make the buzz around your booth, an opportunity for the discussion that goes past your stall. Venture up and furnish people with something humorous they can go along, and you'll get people discussing about you. Aside from that, your exhibition stand should be planned tastefully, conveys a strong message, as it will empower beneficial alliances, and assists with entering the market.

Consider Eye-Catching Attire

Exhibitors wearing exceptionally planned modified outfits in the exhibition stall are an extraordinary method to pull in the consideration of visitors. This engaging methodology can guarantee that visitors will step into the exhibition stand and connect with the exhibitors. Arrangements for such customized uniforms must be made advance, as making such remarkable structures require a great deal of time.

Successful Networking at Exhibitions

An exhibition is a perfect platform to meet old contacts and make new ones. Each member in an exhibition is occupied, so making a rundown of people you need to meet based on your needs well in front of an exhibition makes sense. It also helps if earlier appointments are made, a large portion of the members at an exhibition assembled to communicate with one another and manufacture business relationships, and they will generally keep a prior appointment. Following these strategies will assist you with managing your time better and work out new business and collaborations.

Winding Down and Follow Ups after the Event

The focuses referenced above should make it simpler for you to take an interest in an exhibition, however ordinary subsequent meet-ups with the participants you met in the exhibition stall guarantee accomplishment as it would bring about a certified lead. After an exhibition, you should invest energy assessing on the positives and negatives perspectives as estimating and assessing the outcome will furnish you and your partner with the crucial data you requirement for settling on key vital and strategic choices preceding, at and after the trade shows.

Managing an Exhibition Stall

Dealing with an exhibition stall single dealt with can be an upsetting undertaking and denies the exhibitor from drawing in with their potential customers. It is constantly a decent move to take the assistance of the expert exhibition stand developer, who can work together with one another and converse with your latent capacity prospect autonomously.

Sconce Global is at the highest point of its game as an exhibition stand design company, it is undoubtedly India’s leading exhibition stand builder and also one of the major exhibition stand builders universally. We know that your main motivation behind taking part in an exhibition is to capture the consideration of the visitors with the goal that you can increase your business and generate leads.

If you are searching exhibition booth designer for your next exhibition then your search ends here. Contact Sconce Global Today ! 

Exhibition Booth For Trinity Touch During ELECRAMA 2020!!!

Here is a return to World’s largest Electronic Expo “Elecrama 2020” which has started 18th Jan 2020 in India Expo Mart, Greater Noida.

Let’s have a look at what Sconce Global designed and executed for “Trinity Touch Stand” during ELECRAMA 2020. Our crucial basic concentration at client’s business goal and client’s need.

📌Save The Date 🗓 18th Jan – 22nd Jan 2020
📍 Location – India Expo Mart, Greater Noida

Sconce Global is one of the best exhibition booth design company in India, who offers a complete booth management solution starting from conceptualization, manufacturing, shipping, installing & dismantle. Apart from the exhibition we are also into TV set design, Interior design and digital transformation.

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Monday 13 January 2020

How To Increase Sales During The Exhibition

Any exhibition is all about deals and sales. Obviously, it's also about expanding brand awareness, faithfulness, acknowledgment, and so on, however the final positive consequence of all these procedures should be sales. There are few important or basic steps to increase sales during the exhibition.

Appoint meetings:

If you need to get a few agreements marked during the exhibition, it is ideal to get some of them negotiated in advance. Invite your clients who are on a final sales funnel stage to visit your exhibition stand. Quite possibly your personal contact, the excitement of the trade fair, and the exhibitionstand design will assist them with settling on this ultimate decision.

Make draft agreements:

People got used to signing contracts and agreements through the Internet, without meeting each other. But the exhibitions are somewhat unique. Meeting your customer in reality gives both of you more hints about what your participation will resemble. Having a drafted agreement on hand will let you shake your hands on the deals while really making things legal.

Try-vertise your product:

Your discourse can be extremely captivating and decidedly ready, however nothing beats the possibility to attempt the product. If you sell some goods or products, make sure to have enough examples on the stand. If you promote some complicated machinery or equipment, small models will be very useful, especially if you make them fully functional. Once in a while displaying a detail of a tremendous component looks great and enables visitors imagine what the entire project would resemble. If what you are selling is progressively dynamic, similar to software, give a demo-version. Install a few working spots inside the exhibition stand with the goal that a possibility could attempt the product before getting it. These invigorate the purchase.

Have decision-makers on the stand:

It's extraordinary to have the organization CEO on the stand, however let's face it — it looks to a greater degree a fantasy plot. People, who work on the stand during the exhibition, should be qualified for sign agreements and to make different changes. It just appears that one size fits all and that your standard agreements and contracts should work for all circumstances and customers. You can't predict everything, so the exhibition team should have an assortment of choices to finalize deals.

More often than not, the exhibitions are not seen as an event that needs to sell here and now. You convey new ideas, you meet new possibilities, you exhibit your experience, and you build trust.

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Saturday 11 January 2020

What are the benefits of participating in exhibitions?

Companies stand to gain a lot of potential benefits from having their own exhibition stands.
Gain Brand Awareness:
 This is often a primary concern for new businesses, as well as existing ones that want to expand their market to include new customer demographics. These types of events can be a great opportunity to do just that, but for new companies this can be a big financial commitment—so make sure that attending a fair or exhibition is truly the best way to spend the money.
Networking Opportunities:
 The networking opportunities at fairs and exhibitions can be huge, and if your primary motive for having a stand at such an event is to make new client, customer, and business contacts, then this is a great use of money and time.
Sales Opportunities:
 This is probably the main reason most companies have stands at exhibitions and trade fairs: to display products or provide information about services, with the goal of making immediate or future sales. When this is the case, the additional benefits are just icing on the cake. Don’t forget, however, that having your own stand costs money, and you need to generate a certain number of sales before you break even on what it costs you.
Sconce Global is a well-known company in exhibition and event industry. They have 20+ years of experience in exhibition booth design. See the latest booth design executed by us.

Maldives Tourism Stand- SATTE 2020

Turkey Tourism Stand - SATTE 2020

ACG Exhibition Stand- PMEC 2019

Trident Group Stand- PAPEREX 2019

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Wednesday 8 January 2020

Tips To Create The Perfect Exhibition Stand Design For Business...

The most effective method to make perfect Exhibition Stand Design for Small Business The significance of being available at explicit events of the industry is outstanding to entrepreneurs or business owners….

Step by step instructions to Make Perfect Exhibition Stand Design For Small Business
The significance of being available at explicit events of the business is outstanding to business owners. Be that as it may, what many people ignore is the importance of focused endeavors to accumulate consideration and attract the correct audience. Targeted efforts are quintessential for making an enduring impression of your brand through Custom Exhibition Stand Design.
Nearly everybody you meet will disclose to you how first impressions assume an essential role attracting and increasing traffic to your exhibition stand at the trade show. At the point when you neglect to focus on this aspect, business goes to the competitors because your brand remains unnoticed. Spontaneous and unattractive exhibition stand design is for the most part the explanation behind absence of attention.
According to an overview, 92% of trade show participants come to see and find out about what's going on in products and services. It is thus very important to stand out towards your contributions in the midst of the large number of exhibitors at the trade show.
Here Are The Top Exhibition Stand Design Tips
For you to create an enduring impression utilizing your exhibition stand design: 
  • Know your goals: This must be arranged even before you affirm your participation in a trade show. You have to define your particular goals for the show. Define if you need to sell products or services or simply get more leads. You may simply need to coordinate with like-minded people or evaluate responses to your new launch. When the goals are characterized, your exhibition stand design can be intended to explicitly reflect these goals. The exhibition stand design is the best way to pass on your vision and offering to the audience. Your goals can go about as rules all through the process of designing.
  • Keep the preferences of your audience in mind: Remember that your exhibition stand design is for your audience and not you. It is basic to characterize the targeted audience and keep your work prepared. Research about the audience and their preferences. It is easy to be carried away by your preferences however urgent to adhere to those of the audience.

  • Make the best of the available space: The initial phase in making a decent exhibition stand design is to survey the exact elements of your space and then plan the design components accordingly. It must be a fine harmony between the viable use of space and preventing too much clutter. At the hour of booking, note down the definite measurements that will be accessible to you. This will assist you with designing. It is frequently a disaster if your exhibits or custom stands are significantly greater or smaller than the assigned space. The accurate area of your exhibition booth in the trade show introduced can also assist you with deciding the height of your designing elements. It is significant that your logo and brand name is obvious over the corridor. You can utilize a high curve design to a pivoting plan at the top to accomplish this. One word of alert caution would be to keep the entry to your exhibition booth smooth and mess free so as to encourage free movement.

  • Messaging at your exhibition stand: This is about banners and boards that you use in your exhibition stand or elsewhere in the hall to attract visitors. The key here is to state greatest in as less content as possible. The purpose behind this moderate methodology is that the visitors are probably going to run over a few standards and they won't have the opportunity or persistence to peruse everything. A creative, eye-catching and intriguing message will be perfect here. Huge and clear words, short and fresh messages and the utilization of activity action words are encouraged to accomplish attractive exhibition show display.

  • Graphics and images for your exhibition booth design
When people comprehend the significance of visual structure, they can take their advertising endeavors steps higher. Broadening informing past the content is valuable for designing at expos.
Like short and fresh messages, an incredible image can convey a complex message effectively. You have to summarize the value of your brand in one image. Life-size images are effective design components in an exhibition stand. Ensure your image is intended to suit your target audience and its preferences.
Position is another important perspective. All graphics must be deliberately put such that it is obvious from a separation and effectively reasonable.
  • Strategic placement of light: Light components in your exhibition stand will assist you with emphasizing the content and illustrations. Furthermore, you can pick surrounding lights that help to make the correct vibe for your visitors. You can draw in the correct consideration for your products and services utilizing the correct position of lights. Some appealing approaches to intrigue your visitors’ will your lighting arrangements could be angled light boxes to the passage or shaded lights at various spots. Informativeness is the key here.

  • Strengthen your exhibition stand design with technology: The above components of designs are classic and timeless. Present day technology can additionally improve the intrigue of your exhibition stand. Intuitive touchscreens, computer generated reality frameworks and so on can assist you with passing on your products and services better to the audience and interest them further.
This works truly well at an expo when you complement your quality with predominant technology. Proximity marketing is another viewpoint that you can remember for your trade show marketing plan. This includes sending messages or emails to clients as they walk by your booth. This could inform them about deals and discounts or invite them for individual connection.
  • Offer the visitors, an opportunity to interact with your offerings: Most people are there at the trade show only to analyze the products. Why not make it simpler for them and offering hands-on understanding. You can also assess their responses and note down scopes for improvement. Once you offer them value, they will confide more in the brand.
We at Sconce Global help you with displaying your brand with an amazing exhibition Stand Designs that won't just attract visitors but also make an enduring impression of your brand.

Friday 3 January 2020


Trade shows is a major part of your marketing plan. From small shows to huge industrial events, trade shows can be a fantastic and fruitful source to generate new leads and exposure for your business / products/services.

Like any other form of marketing, exhibiting on trade shows are also about results. The higher no. of attendees you can attract to your exhibition stand, the more leads you’ll walk away from the trade show with.

Get the Right Look And Feel:-

Your stand is work as your shop window so it is important to make sure your objective for the show. Determine the look and feel of your stand according to your product and brand. Choose graphics, posters and products wisely to that project the image you want to create.

Go for Instant Brand Recognition:-

Display the logo that attendees are most familiar with; because it is your brand identity. But in some cases, if a particular product line is more well-known than your business name, put that front and center.

Get Creative:-

Effective lighting can really increase awareness of your stand, creative and innovative graphics do the same. Texts should be readable from closer and from far too.

Stick to Your Budget:-

Exhibiting at a trade show is not about spending lots of money on flashy new materials. Be careful to your budget and spent wisely.

Beware with Your Giveaways:-

Do not send lot of money on promo gifts that don't relate to the message or brand. If you want to give branded merchandise out as gifts, choose something relevant to your brand and also memorable.

Pick the Right People:-

Choose right team members for the event and the audience. Team member should be well trained and well dressed. A proper gesture should be given when any visitors come to visit your stall.

Don't Forget To Invite:-

When you are going to exhibit in the trade show promote yourself on every media and more on social media. Upload information to your website inviting customers to come and visit you at your stand. Do not forget your existing customers to invite them on the booth.

When you are participating in the trade show then the most powerful thing is to choose 
best exhibition booth designer for your booth! Choose your exhibition booth design company wisely who can fulfill your all requirements and present your booth as you want to be seen.

If you have any query regarding your next exhibition, then feel free to contact us at marketing@sconceindia.com or visit our website: www.sconceglobal.com

Sconce Global -January’s Achievements fro Exhibition stand

  Sconce Global is all about the light fixture that directs light toward the company's reliability, track record, and ability to withst...