Thursday 29 October 2020


 Exhibitions are immense spaces loaded up with guarantee. Large organizations, enormous unique ideas, the huge parts in the sector, the huge finance managers, the investors. Every one of them gather, walk and find the most recent things available through exhibitions. This is reason enough to delight when you are planning your next exhibition stand.

Design in any capacity of the word is something that necessities time, engage and comprehension. These are the basics of our exhibition booth at Sconce Global and our experts can form these components around your ideas and creative mind. This will assist with making the perfect and ideal stand for your upcoming exhibition and events.


How does our exhibition stand configuration work?

Exhibition stands are an imperatively significant component for any business looking to build up their brand reputation, increase target client base, pull in speculations and improve the catch of your brand. Building up these angles all comes down to a viable, exhibition stand design that looks extraordinary and says something.

To start our booth design with your business, we will initially plunk down with you and become acquainted with your necessities and wants. These will permit us to organize how we design the exhibition; which highlights must be incorporated and what kind of time period we have to work to.


What are the three most significant parts of a perfect exhibition stand?

1- Eye catching design: When you take a look at our past work at Sconce Global you will see a wide scope of styles and sorts of exhibition stand. Each business is extraordinary and every sector request something new and unique, however our capacity to deliver eye-catching design doesn't falter. From stunning proclamation includes through to beautiful and attractive designs, we can assist with flaunting your brand in the best light.


2- Welcoming fa├žade: A second thought when we build our exhibition stand configuration is to guarantee that each stand makes visitors need to enter. It's significant that we offset interest with receptiveness to guarantee that you attract more and more visitors to your stand during the exhibition.


3- Bespoke plan and design: We need to ensure that all that we deliver and endorse at Sconce Global can flaunt the ideal blend your business' character and our design skill. Working intimately with you, our group will give you the best blend of your contribution with our capacity and involvement with the sector.

When we have curated and perceived your business from front to back, our group of experienced exhibitions stand designers can give their contribution to expertly commission the entire stand and have it conveyed to its destination timely for your new exhibition.

Our management services at Sconce Global will assist with moving you through these stages with insignificant object. This is a primary element of our administration as it permits our group to make you mindful of the progressions through the course of the venture and give you reports on how the design is going.

We use our experience to help ensure that each element from consultation to dismantling your exhibition stand after an exhibition is prepared expertly.

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Thursday 1 October 2020

Unlock 5: Business to Business (B2B) exhibitions will be allowed to re-open in India from October 15


These are remarkable time for our exhibition industry. Coronavirus is one of the biggest disaster humankind has ever looked recently, carrying disturbance to the human life around the world. There is no denying to the way that our exhibition industry, being a face to face sector, is among the most exceedingly terrible hit amidst of this pandemic. With the impact of Covid-19 the worldwide exhibition industry has seen huge harm with almost 10,000 trade-fairs and exhibition being dropped or delayed universally, and India is not saved from this.

In any case, each crisis has a silver coating. The Exhibition industry is versatile and is ever developing.

On Wednesday, 30th September the central government announced a new set of relaxations in the worldwide lockdown. This is the unlock 5.0 guidelines gave by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA).

The MHA rules for Unlock 5.0 have permitted business to business exhibitions outside the containment zones to re- open from October 15. 

In open spaces and also closed spaces, get-togethers will be permitted keeping the size of the space in view, and with strict recognition of social distancing, the mandatory wearing of face masks, arrangement for thermal scanning and hand wash or sanitizer.

To guarantee that such social gathering don't spread COVID-19, the state/UT governments have been coordinated to give detailed SOPs to control such gatherings.

International air travel keeps on being banned, except as allowed by the MHA.

Lockdown will keep on being executed carefully in the containment zones till October 31. The containment zones will be delineated by the district authorities at miniature level in the wake of thinking about the rules of MoHFW with the target of adequately breaking the chain of transmission, the MHA proclamation said.

The states can likewise not force any limitations on the between state and intra-state movement of people and products. No different permission/endorsement/e-license will be required for such developments, the MHA said.

Why Choose Sconceglobal?

Here at Sconceglobal, we endeavor to give organizations exhibition stands that suit not just their prerequisites in regards to highlights, size and layouts, but also engage consideration, on brand designs. Our designer group have many years of experience with the exhibition industry. This provides them with the important aptitude and experience to design and production top notch exhibition stand represents organizations in an immense scope of divisions.

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