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6 Factors To Determine The Choice Of Exhibition Stands!!!


Taking an interest in exhibitions offer a great chance to promote and improve your business. Picking the correct exhibition stands is one of the most critical decisions in making a significant presence in the exhibition. Fundamentally, it is the primary thing that entices customers to step into the booth.


Exhibition stands are the most amazing tools of branding that make the organization's reputation and personality. By utilizing an assortment of cutting-edge styles, innovation and design, an exhibitor can satisfy its marketing goals that also increase the sale of its products and services. A well-designed exhibition booth reflects brand image and motivates the customers by leaving an enduring impact at the forefront of their idea.


Picking the right exhibition stand is fundamental and it depends upon various elements that should be considered.

1. Type of Exhibition stands

Exhibition stands comes in various sizes and measurements; however, they also vary in type and features. These features automatically influence the general effect you are planning to make at the exhibition. There are mostly three types of stands – pop up display, custom stands and modular stands.

The pop-up shows are significantly utilized as backgrounds with lively illustrations, brand message and product capacities. The custom stands, as the name proposes are customized according to the request and custom-made to meet the particular needs of the exhibitor. Lastly, the modular stands have pre-assembled modular stands that have eye-catching advance and are dependent upon customization.

2. Set up and dismantle process

The way toward setting up and disassembling assumes an imperative role in choosing the kind of exhibition stands required for the presentation. At the point when it is about the pop shows, it is simpler to set it up and get it together inside 5 minutes without the help of an expert. For the custom stand, an exhibitor needs an expert as they ordinarily include enormous divider panels and structures which are hard to oversee and may cause misfortune during dismantling. In conclusion, the modular stands are simpler than the custom ones. Be that as it may, it is still better to have a pro for issue free installation and dismantling for them.

3. Brand image and message

The most important role of picking the correct exhibition stand is its capacity to mirror the brand message. Pop up displays are generally confined to make your brand catch everyone's eye. It shows the brand or product message yet neglects to carry innovation and creativity to attract visitors. Custom stands are considered as a unique exhibition stand in view of their custom-made design that meets the branding needs of the exhibitor. So also, modular stands are useful in building an unmistakable brand image on account of the illimitable inventiveness options.

4. Flexible display

Designs are imperative to passing on product detail and brand. They should be changed according to the various requirements. It must be versatile and adaptable to be changed. Pop up Displays are easy and it is simpler to change graphics. With regards to custom stands, obliging new stand configuration isn't that clear like pop up Display. For accomplishing the best outcomes, modular stands are simpler to deal in changing graphics to suit distinctive designing necessities.

5. Maintenance cost

Getting an exhibition stands intended to include turn of development and maintenance cost. Each sort of exhibition stand has various maintenance costs. Introducing pop up shows accompanies next to no u maintenance cost and they are easy to work with. As a rule, the expense would incorporate substitution of graphics and prints at whatever point required. Maintaining custom stands are somewhat costly as there will be mileage and it would require fix and repair cost. Modular stands accompany guarantee and can be reused again with the small maintenance cost of graphics substitution.

6. Shipping and transportation

After making all the solutions for an exhibition, delivery and transportation assumes an important role in making the exhibition stall. Pop up displays are easy to move anywhere without the assistance of logistics. Though custom stands require coordination team for delivery and transport. They are consolidated with huge structures and furthermore require a warehouse to store it.


In compare to custom stands, modular stands are simpler to ship as they can be packed flawlessly into the convey bags and advantageous to ship. No extra expense is required for storage.


The components that decide the decision of exhibition stands additionally decide the achievement of your presentation. It must satisfy your brand image, goals and arrive at your target audience to promote the brand. There are many exhibition booth designers in India offering innovative and affordable exhibition stand. An exhibitor, before facing a challenge, must consult expert designers to pick the right exhibition stand design for the business.


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