Thursday, 28 January 2021

What is the Marketing Power of Exhibitions?


The exhibition industry has been presently on looked all through ongoing years and consequently, it wouldn’t be right to state that exhibitions are the best advertising platform for the brand and business promotion.  Therefore, we will be discussing some important stats explaining “why exhibitions are the incredible marketing medium?” You can also consider it as our numerical motivation guide that puts the exhibition market figure in the correct place.


1.             Most visitors crossing the stand passageways are the potential leads that can be converted into possibilities.

2.             Approximately eight percent of visitors travel around 500 miles to take participate in the exhibitions appears.

3.             Almost 99% of the exhibition advertisers guarantee that they got special, unique and organic results from face-to-face advertising when contrasted and other marketing mediums. Face-to-face marketing step-up the chances to connect with potential leads, providers, and affiliates.

4.             Exhibition visitors spend maximum time on viewing exhibits that basically provide exhibitors a lot of time to increase and a connection with the visitors.

5.             Many exhibitors consent to the way that high organized goals of exhibitions if fabricating and extending brand or business mindfulness at a universal level. Other optional targets are to launch products and brand or business fortification.

6.             60% visitors are possibly spoken to as possibilities. This implies you have high opportunities to focus on the target audience.

7.             Exhibitors have high opportunities to discover new and one-of-a-kind possibilities since 50% of the participants visit at least one event or exhibition every year.


An exhibition has the power to:

·         bring your most dynamic possibilities and clients to you


·         harnesses each of the five senses to commute home your messages


·         create a profound vertical communication with the product


·         drive business to different channels


·         provide chance to meet more intrigued buyers than some other deals movement to build business relationships and generate leads


·         emotionally connect with customers.




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